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Do you lead an active lifestyle? Do you need to be in motion as much as possible? Then make a stop at ABGEFAHREN – the trade fair dedicated to bikes, scooters, skateboards and the emerging bicycle tourism. This event takes place in Leipzig, Germany, and brings its many visitors the newest models, trends and services for three days. If you’re looking forward to this trade fair, then consider booking a hotel right now and have GETA ltd secure your accommodation. GETA ltd knows how to find the best hotel offers on the market. A combination of factors go into the research process – your price range, proximity to the event and proximity to available public transport. This saves you money, time and effort when you commute. ABGEFAHREN has prepared a dynamic program, which complements its subject matter. Yes, you can buy services and products, but you also have access to a test area, workshops, kids corners as well as multi-media shows. ABGEFAHRE is an adventure on its own, so let GETA ltd have your back.

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