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UK, Birmingham
1 year
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Advanced Engineering attracts a large crowd of the leading and emerging companies in the composite materials industry coming to showcase the technologic innovations that will change the scene. The international trade fair is set to more than 200 niche exhibitors in UK. Thousands are expected to attend, so make sure you have sorted out your hotel accommodation early. GETA ltd helps you find the best hotel bookings for Advanced Engineering in no time.

It takes time and effort to find the right Advanced Engineering hotels on your own, but with GETA ltd the process is compressed to just a single day. You tell us where you want to stay and what price range is realistic for you. We work with numerous hotels, apartment buildings and guesthouses in the city and present you with custom offers that meet your needs. This way you can focus on the trade fair, which will showcase composites materials, moulding and processing equipment, trade processors and fabricators as well as offer the stage to over 50 speakers, who will address key issues in the industry.

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