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Germany, Munich
2 years
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One of the big sectors to undergo constant change is the transportation industry in the context of the aviation and aerospace fields. Air cargo Europe reflects these changes and represents the full spectrum of technologies, products and services from near 200 exhibitors. The international conference is hosted in Munich, German. Attendance numbers are estimated to exceed 55,000 trade visitors. Finding hotel rooms is going to be competitive and GETA ltd has all the easy solutions for your accommodation.

Air cargo Europe is where big decisions regarding air transportation are made and it’s an essential conference to attend to grow your reputation among these circles. Among the attending are representatives of airlines, airports, cargo handling companies, express services, logistics providers and others. In addition, the conference program gives you access to best practices and changes in standards. Book a hotel for air cargo Europe early to get the most out of the event. GETA ltd has organized business trips for many years now and we have a flexible service that guarantees affordable accommodation near the exhibition centre! You get the price that you want and a location that cuts down on your commute. All this delivered to you in one day!

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