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Turkey , Istanbul
2 years
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Asansor Istanbul dominates the region as a force within the lift industry and you can count on the innovations and improvements in elevator technology to be introduced here first. The international trade fair draws in roughly 450 companies from around the world with an audience estimated at roughly 30,000 trade visitors. Held in Istanbul, Turkey, the event is scheduled for four days. Be quick with your travel arrangements and get your hotel stay sorted out as early as today with GETA ltd by your side. The first step to take to make your business trip a success is to book a hotel for Asansor Istanbul and do so the right way.

GETA ltd is a veteran in the travel industry and we have a vast assortment of hotels and guesthouses fit for every taste and budget. All there’s to do is tell us your price and we’ll get you your perfect match tomorrow. Focus on Asansor Istanbul and its dynamic program. In addition to extensive product representation – doors, cabins, drive systems, control and signaling systems, suspension ropes, – you have the opportunity to attend numerous meetings, sign up for training and partake in conferences!

Past editions

Asansor Istanbul 2021

25.03.2021 - 28.03.2021

Asansor Istanbul

Cancelled because of Covid-19

How to get to Asansor Istanbul

On Foot

On Foot

Istanbul Airport – not advisable

Istanbul Otogar Bus Terminal – not advisable


By Car

Istanbul Airport – 45 mins via D569 and Kuzey Marmara Otoyolu

Istanbul Otogar Bus Terminal – 1hr5mins via Avrupa Otoyolu/O-3/E80


By Public Transport

Istanbul Airport – not advisable

Istanbul Otogar Bus Terminal – 1hr25mins via transports 34BZ and M1A

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