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USA, New York City
1 year
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Atlantic Design & Manufacturing looks at the future of the manufacturing industry with a look at innovations, technological breakthroughs and their applications in the industry 4.0. The international exhibition takes place in USA and is scheduled for the three days. Attendance sits at over 11,000 professionals in search of career opportunities and business deals. Don’t leave your travel arrangements until the last possible moment and leave the details surrounding your stay to GETA ltd.

Book a hotel for Atlantic Design & Manufacturing without investing days and exhausting resources to get the best deal. GETA ltd presents you with an efficient service that tailors itself to your specific needs. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes and have a solution for every budget. You save on your travel expenses and can, in turn, invest in your attendance. Atlantic Design & Manufacturing concerns itself with pushing the technological envelope and on its stage you get first contact with cutting-edge 3D printing and design software. Other program highlights include the conference keynote speeches and the highly relevant panel discussions to help shape your business.

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