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2 years
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BI–MU gives the manufacturing industry a chance to observe the newest developments in terms of automation and metal forming. Industry insiders come to marvel at the hundreds of metal cutting machines and other cutting edge professional equipment. This is the trade fair movers and shakers come to see as a guide on improving their own business. The trade show is projected to attract over 1000 companies, 3000 machines and almost 60,000 professionals attending, so get a head start on your search for accommodation with GETA ltd. GETA ltd presents you with several options to make your stay as pleasurable as possible. You have access to attractive hotel room offers at preferential rates and strategic locations. Choose from hotels that are incredibly close to the exhibition grounds or situated to convenient public transport links for an easy commute. This saves you time, keeps you focused and helps you be a better presenter when it comes to professional networking opportunities. BI–MU gives you a glimpse at the best new technological improvements made to tools, industrial robots, metrology, industrial automation, research and development.

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