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A Brief Overview of Bordeaux Wine Week

Bordeaux Wine Week is a most recent addition to the wine and viniculture scene as a substitute to the previous major wine event – Vinexpo Bordeaux. The event’s mission is simple – create peak conditions for business partners and dedicated wine manufacturers to continue to do business and celebrate wine. The international event is a launch pad for new trends, technologies and flavours, while delivering a most impactful information programme. Experts and buyers from all around the world arrive in Bordeaux, France by the thousands. Don’t miss out on valuable partnerships. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Are you unconvinced Bordeaux Wine Week is the right fit for you? We’re going to prove to you that this fair is the best matchup for your brand to reach the biggest audience and gain traction in new regions. Prior to merging with other wine events to become Bordeaux Wine Week, Vinexpo Bordeaux dominated the competition with truly impressive attendance numbers. You had all the more reasons to attend: 

  • 1700+ international exhibitors from 40+ countries showcased;
  • 46,000+international trade visitors from 150+ countries made the trip;
  • 29,000+ square metres of exhibition space was used;
  • 45 talks and tastings.

You can expect even more interest in Bordeaux Wine Week from wine professionals thanks to not just the longer duration, but also the change in programming and B2B opportunities. 

Industry Relevance

As Vinexpo Bordeaux, Bordeaux Wine Week has been active since 1981 as a wine-only trade fair, but that quickly changed as the fair gained traction and international popularity. In addition to wines, Bordeaux Wine Week included spirits to its product line-up only eight years later. The trade fair took place at Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux Lac every single year and the brand has been so well received that it led to the establishment of satellite events in Hong Kong, New York, Paris, and Shanghai. The newest addition is Vinexpo Explorer that is a touring event with a different host city every single year. 

It's only a natural step to merge Vinexpo with other wine events to form Bordeaux Wine Week – a true collaborative initiative that’s run by local institutions and stakeholders from the world of wine. Who are the people involved? The Bordeaux Wine Marketing Council (CIVB), the Bordeaux Conurbation Tourist Information and Convention Office (OTCBM) and Vinexposium are the main engines behind the event and the Bordeaux city council acts as a sponsor. 

This truly elevates Bordeaux Wine Week to an industry leader and empowers wine makers to reach new buyers they never would have before. A new change is that the event won’t be restricted to just one location, but will spread out to important locations that underline Bordeaux’s heritage and importance as a wine region. Different events take place at different points of the course of 11 days in total – The Grands Crus week-end, The Symposium 'Act for Change', The Vinexpo Meetings and the Bordeaux Wine Festival. Depending on whether you’re a professional or member of the general public, there’s something for everybody! 

Who Are You Going to Meet?

Bordeaux Wine Week works hard to facilitate business connections and wine producers have a lot to gain from the B2B events happening here. French regions like Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Loire and Languedoc take centre stage. Nevertheless, the scope is wide-ranging and you’ll also see wine and spirit labels from South Africa, Austria, Georgia, Portugal, Germany, Italy, the UK, the US, Lebanon, and China. 

The newly created Vinexpo Meetings (or WOW! Meetings) is a series of meetings held between French and international buyers who plan to purchase certified wines and spirits, and all producers and trading companies in the relevant market. It’s 100% business-focused and helps drive sales in a significant manner. After all, the wine business is highly competitive. Over 400,000 hectares worldwide have been converted into vineyard areas and because 78% of them are in Europe, this means Bordeaux Wine Week is a strategic place to get the best deals. 

The Vinexpo Meetings is not a typical networking event. Buyers have to confirm their purchasing intentions prior to the event by attending several meetings beforehand. A similar vetting process is applied to exhibitors, who must meet detailed specifications. This way you’re guaranteed that the person you’re sitting face to face is ready to commit to a long-term partnership. 

Additional Value of Attending 

While you’re there on business, you can still take the time to relax at ‘The Bordeaux Wine Festival’ that closes the event. The wine festival takes you on a wine tour that takes you through some of the most beautiful spots of the quayside, and visitors participate in tastings of Bordeaux and New Aquitaine region wines. It’s the only event open to the general public and a perfect opportunity for exhibitors to hear what end consumers think about new labels and vintages. The very first edition of the event also came with an exclusive art exhibition. ‘Picasso, the effervescence of shapes’ had 80 works of art from the Picasso museums in Barcelona and Paris along with private collections.

The biggest high-profile information event is The Symposium 'Act for Change', whose mission is to prepare for the future in the context of climate change and geopolitical tensions. One of the big topics at the symposium was also the change in consumption and consumers. Listen to experts and leaders chart a path through an uncertain future.

Past editions

Vinexpo Bordeaux 2022

16.06.2022 - 26.06.2022

Vinexpo Bordeaux

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