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BRIGHT is more than just an international trade show dedicated to apparel, clothing and fashion – it’s a celebration of modern lifestyle and packs the attitude to match. It’s no surprise it’s hosted in the modern, urban Berlin, Germany. The dates have been chosen. Activities will kick off in June with renowned brands presenting their newest collections through creative shows. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and get the best online hotel reservations through GETA ltd right now.

You need custom-tailored services for your business trip? GETA ltd is where to find BRIGHT hotels chosen to fit your needs. The way we work with clients is simple. You give us an estimated price range and a number of travelers. Using this information, we select suitable deals and offers within strategic distance from the Berlin exhibition centre. Whether you’re a short bus ride or a walk from the grounds, we can provide. This makes your BRIGHT 2016 experience smooth where you can enjoy creative exhibitions that demonstrate the mutable, fluid nature of fashion. Product categories range from streetwear and shoes to sportswear and accessories. Stay ahead of the curve at BRIGHT and leave all your travel questions to GETA ltd.

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