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In the spirit of progress and a brighter tomorrow, BRUSSELS INNOVA focuses on the field of inventions and innovations with a widespread application across numerous industries. The international trade fair is in this sense very focused with roughly 250 innovations put on display on average and an audience of 4000 visitors – a perfect opportunity to make valuable connections and easily become a recognizable name. The event will run through in Brussels, Belgium. Don’t wait to book your hotel for BRUSSELS INNOVA and get in touch with GETA ltd.

Business trips are a valuable resource in growing your reach, but are demanding to organize on your own. This is why you need GETA ltd to handle every aspect of your trip including where you stay. We have a large database of hotels in and surrounding Brussels, so all you’ve to do is give us a price range and a location. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll enjoy an easy commute to the exhibition centre. BRUSSELS INNOVA values research and new technologies and rewards brilliance as can be seen by the numerous awards you can apply for to gain additional distinction. What better way to gain visibility!

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