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Remain well-informed about the achievements, breakthroughs and best practices in the world of construction and architecture with a visit to BUDMA. This international trade fair is taking place in Poznań, Poland where over 800 exhibitors have been invited to showcase their latest technologies, equipment and materials. Thousands are setting their sights on attending, so don’t leave your hotel accommodation for the last possible moment. GETA ltd is here to organize your entire business trip.

BUDMA has established itself as the leading construction event for Eastern Europe and also sees participation from over 60 countries. Attendance sits on average of 45,000 visitors – all architects, traders, buyers and investors. The first day of the fair is dedicated to Distributor Day, where stores and construction materials distribution networks register high direct sales and generate numerous leads. For this reason, you need BUDMA hotels that allow you to save on your travel expenses and position you strategically close to the action for additional networking opportunities. GETA ltd makes it all happen.

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