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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of CAMPIONARIA INTERNAZIONALE PADOVA has been officially canceled by the organisers due to coronavirus.

You’ll find all the product categories of consumer goods represented at the Campionaria Internazionale di Padova – the international exhibition spanning everything from arts and crafts to the finer points of international cuisines. The event comes to Padua, Italy to showcase the best product lines from over 1000 exhibitioners, following its rich history going back almost a century. Get your online hotel reservations secured at your earliest convenience and choose GETA ltd to help you with the organization.

It’s a challenge to find a hotel booking for Campionaria Internazionale di Padova this close to the starting date, but GETA ltd knows all the current deals and discounts in Padua. Tell us how many people are travelling to the event and what your ideal price range is. In a single business day, we’ll send you a curated list with custom-fitted offers. We tailor your accommodation so save on your expenses, shorten your commute and get better opportunities to networking. Campionaria Internazionale di Padova is the place to break into new markets, launch products and register the highest direct sales for the year.

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