EPF - Estrich, Parkett, Fliese

Germany, Feuchtwangen
3 years
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The industry specific, professional only international trade fair EPF - EstrichParkettFliese comes together in Flidur, Germany,for three days focused on the biggest achievements in the floor construction industry and presentations on possible futures. EPF - EstrichParkettFliese is projected to attract 5000 professionals to see the 220 exhibitors. Start early on your accommodation with GETA ltd – a business traveler’s best friend. The exhibition promises to display all floor-laying crafts including parquet, screed and tiles laying along with a diverse cast of speakers to discuss challenges and trends. Intended as a big platform for networking, EPF - EstrichParkettFliese is the perfect venue to grow your business and GETA ltd can book you a hotel close to the exhibition centre so you’re always in the company of a potential business partner. Tell us your location preferences and price range and GETA ltd finds you a desired room in no time. EPF - EstrichParkettFliese is not about business though. The event has planned for a black tie gala evening and an informal Bavarian Been Garden to mix some needed pleasure with the hard work.

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