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EUNIQUE challenges audiences to reconsider how they see the world by bringing arts and crafts together with industrial design in a spectacular show that celebrates creativity and beauty in Karlsruhe, Germany. Over 350 exhibitors are expected to showcase their products to an audience of more than 14,000 individuals, all between June 3rd and June 5th. You don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to your travel arrangements, but you can easily book a hotel for EUNIQUE right now from GETA ltd.

GETA ltd has been working with business travelers for years and boasts a large network of hotels and guesthouses in and surrounding Karlsruhe. All you need to do is drop us a line with how many rooms you’re needing and your budget. The next day you receive an offer and are ready to pack your bags. EUNIQUE has chosen wood as the material that will receive all the attention with jewelry and interior design heavily featured. Combined with the ideas of upcycling used wood from old timber, the event startles with its vision and boldness. Whether you’re at EUNIQUE to research the market or build brand recognition, GETA ltd makes your business trip truly enjoyable.

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