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The forestry industry gathers for their biggest exhibition aptly named EUROFOREST. Held in Bourget, France, near the breathtaking forest of Chaumont, this exhibition lasts for three days. Meant entirely for professionals within all sectors of the forestry industry, EUROFOREST attracts company giants and the most renowned experts. To be in the heart of the activities, turn to GETA ltd to book a hotel in close proximity to the exhibition grounds. GETA ltd has a wide range of pre-selected hotel accommodation options that fit your specific budget and are all located in strategic locations that allow easy travel to and fro the exhibition. EUROFOREST offers visitors a lot to see from different wood handling methods to first rate agroforestry machinery. Be ready to mingle and learn the newest trends in every sector from wood processing to transport complete with detailed demonstrations. EUROFOREST is projected to surpass previous numbers with attendance soaring higher than 28,000 people and exhibitors to exceed 380 brands worldwide. Get early in on the action and secure your hotel room with a little help of GETA ltd.

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