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EUROMOLD is a valuable international trade fair, which showcases the newest trends in tooling, manufacturing and patternmaking with a keen focus on product development. You’ll be in the company of thousands in the industry, so hurry up when it comes to your hotel accommodation and turn to us. Right now is the best time to book a hotel near the fairgrounds and save money.

Our team has been doing this for years and knows exactly what every business traveler needs – good value for their money and to shorten their commute as much as possible. Choose us to organize your business trip and you’ll save on your stay, not to mention be serviced by public transport lines. All you have to do is give us a budget and how many rooms you need to book. EUROMOLD represents the entire value chain and places a firm emphasis on high-tech solutions such as 3D printing. Here you can debut and demonstrate innovations to an audience that’s receptive and looking for the future of product development.

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