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Bring out the chef in you and attend FOOD & LIFE – the trade fair that encompasses the culinary world from gourmet dishes to health foods, spices and herbs. Staged in Munich, Germany, this event spans over a period of five days. As an attendee, please be sure your business trip is organized with GETA ltd to handle your accommodation as the fair is expected to generate thousands of visitors.

All you have to do is tell GETA ltd your preferred price range and how close you want to be positioned to the exhibition. You can have a room in close proximity to the FOOD & LIFE grounds for a short commute or enjoy a picturesque side of the city with excellent links to the local public transport system. Either way, GETA ltd makes sure your participation at FOOD & LIFE is memorable and with the many bakery products and natural chemists on display along with dazzling culinary shows where you get to see actual chefs in action, it’s easy to grow your business, network and have tons of fun.

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