Germany, Friedrichshafen
2 years
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FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE is at the intersection of agriculture, the beverage industry and horticulture, and not only showcases technological advancements, but strives to answer topical questions. The international trade fair takes the stage in Friedrichshafen, Germany for the duration of three days. Attendance for this event is expected to grow with close to 400 exhibitors and 16,900 industry insiders. If you plan on going, now is the time to book a room and GETA ltd is where you should look for it.

Business trips don’t need to take too much time or effort to plan and GETA ltd proves this. It takes us one business day to find the hotel booking for FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE. How does it work? Send us your ideal price range, choice in location and how many people in your company are travelling. Using our extensive database with hotels, we create a custom list of deals. FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE itself offers a broad range of display categories - fruit cultivation, distilling, harvesting machines, plant protection, tree nurseries, agricultural products. Aside the exhibition portion filled with machinery demonstrations, you have access to technical lectures and talk on challenges present in the industry.

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