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GPEC caters to the need of the safety and security sectors and showcases innovations, advancements and solutions for all sectors from home security to the special forces. Come to Frankfurt, Germany to see the equipment, accessories and software from over 500 exhibitors. Programming lasts for three days and in that time, organizers estimate more than 6200 trade visitors will make the trip. Be among the first to book a hotel for GPEC with GETA ltd.

GETA ltd has been active in the business travel sector for years now and we’ve developed an efficient way to handle travel arrangements no matter your destination. You need to send us a price range, hotel class and how many rooms you need. Our database generates the best deals that are lightest on your budget and place you closest to the exhibition centre. Target audience for GPEC includes border guards, customs administration, government intelligence and security services, Civil Protection and Disaster authorities, prisons and the police. As such, it boasts a rich assortment in equipment, special vehicles, security systems and firearms. There is also a conference track that focuses on innovations and technologies for modern, proper equipment and training of safety authorities.

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