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Germany, Dresden
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What is the new direction for the world’s energy industry? Haus Dresden gives a glimpse into the future of the sector with an emphasis on energy production, intelligent energy distribution and efficient use of energy. Over 600 exhibitors from nine countries have been confirmed to attend with more than 34,000 international trade visitors expected to arrive. Make sure you evade the thousands looking for a hotel room and leave GETA ltd book your accommodation for you.

GETA ltd has worked with professionals on the road for many years and understands what you need – affordability, strategic proximity to the Haus Dresden and access to local public transport. This ensures you have more time and resources to focus on raising your company profile, growing your professional circles and attending the numerous seminars and key talks led by the luminaries in the field.

You have the perfect opportunity to make a mark for yourself, so take every precaution and let GETA ltd organize your business trip.

Past editions

Haus Dresden 2021

04.03.2021 - 07.03.2021

Haus Dresden

Cancelled because of COVID 19


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Total Exhibitors


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How to get to Haus Dresden

On Foot

On Foot

Dresden airport – not advisable

Dresden Central Station – 55 mins via Magdeburger Str.



By Car

Dresden airport – 22 mins via A4

Dresden Central Station – 15 mins via B173



By Public Transport

Dresden airport – 30 mins via S2 and 10

Dresden Central Station – 20 mins via 10


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