Austria, Wels
2 years
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HERBSTMESSE WELS presents you the world of consumer good, home and garden in 14 unique themes to excite you about furnishing and handicraft. This must-see trade fair takes place in Wels, Austria. Feast your eyes on the newest trends that debut on these stages and select what your home needs with artistically arranged booths and demonstrations. HERBSTMESSE WELS gathers manufacturers, buyers and the general public in great numbers, so be prepared to find a hotel at the earliest moment possible. GETA ltd helps you locate the perfect accommodation at the right price for you. Whether it’s close to the grounds of the expo centre or in a quiet location with public transport, your travel arrangements in our capable hands. HERBSTMESSE WELS serves you every product range from housing to gaming, herbs to lifestyle, handicrafts and cosmetics. It’s the perfect place to sell and GETA ltd gives you the ingredients for a successful business trip.
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