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Germany , Cologne

1 year
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HK serves as the international stage for professionals to address the current challenges ahead of the heat treatment industry and celebrate the newest technologies breakthroughs in the field. Staged in Cologne, Germany, this event spans over three days with thousands projected to attend. If your business trip takes you there, then be sure to have your travel arrangements sorted out as soon as possible. GETA ltd has the perfect solution for your needs.

Just select your price range and point out how close you need to be to the expo centre and GETA ltd compiles the best deals – both cost effective and in close proximity to the HK grounds. Enjoy an eventful visit to the exhibition dedicated to the highlights of engineering punctuated with impactful simulations of various heat treatment processes. Chats with leading engineers and companies in the field, form partnerships and talk business. HK is your stage for growing your business, so give yourself the best chances with help from GETA ltd.


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