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Indigo Brussels debuts the most creative trends and best products in the textiles and interior decoration sectors, not to mention look into the future. The international trade show attracts over 230 companies who will arrange their patterns and textiles to a selected audience in Brussels, Belgium. Make sure you book a hotel for Indigo Brussels while prices are still affordable. GETA ltd is the place you come to for discounts and deals!

Don’t put your hotel accommodation for the last moment and act while there’s availability and rates are low. It might be overwhelming to make the right decision on your own, which is why you need GETA ltd to assist you. We run your specifications through our large database to arrive at the most suited hotel offers for your company needs. Indigo Brussels is an easy ride afterwards. The event attracts editors of decorative fabrics, volume retailers, specialised distributors, major home decoration brands, designers and design consultants. One of the highlights is the Blue Drop exhibition, where you can see the best hits from the show!

Take the chance to step into the spotlight with tailored accommodation from GETA ltd.

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