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Interlakokraska is gearing up once again to deliver professionals in the paints, lacquers and wallpapers the opportunity to expand their business, influence trends and learn the latest designs and solutions. The international exhibition attracts over 200 exhibitors on average with an audience currently estimated to be at 7400 trade visitors. There’s time left to get the best online hotel reservations and GETA ltd is here to offer you superior deals ahead of time.

Interlakokraska gives attendees an unparalleled look at product categories from oil, acrylic, alkyd and water paints to powder coatings, special coatings, glues. There will be a focus on raw ingredients, equipment, research and packaging. You’ll be rubbing elbows with celebrated experts and industry giants. All the more reasons to book Interlakokraska that put you close to the action, but don’t cost much. GETA ltd offers a flexible service tailored for every possible budget. The registration process is simple. You send us your price range and requirements, we send you a list with options that meet them and you make your pick. It doesn’t get easier than this.

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