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!!! Important !!! Please note that the 2020 edition of Interop will be held online.

Stay current with the ever-changing landscape of information technology and communication technology and write yourself up for the upcoming Interop in USA. Right now, the international trade fair is set with a four-day run. Thousands of industry insiders and programmers will make the trip from all over the world, which is why you should start early on your hotel accommodation, if you want to avoid the rush. GETA ltd is here to take the organization out of your hands! Book a hotel for Interop in one quick move that doesn’t take you any unnecessary time or effort on your part.

How GETA ltd works is simple! You tell us how close you want to be to the exhibition centre and what budget you’re working with. Using this information, we compile a list of hotel offers that match exactly what you wished in a single day. Now, you can focus on Interop, which promises to assist you in pursuing your career in IT and learn technical skills and sharpen your strategic thinking.

GETA ltd takes care of organizing your business trip to Interop so you don’t have to!

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