Interpom Primeurs

Belgium, Kortrijk
2 years
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At Interpom Primeurs, you have the perfect chance to see the whole production and supply chain of the vegetable growing and processing industry. From fruit to the potato, you can marvel at the equipment and techniques that ensures a strong harvest every year. If you’re among the over 17,000 ready to attend the trade fair, then find your hotel room right now and have GETA ltd help you along the way.

GETA ltd understands how to locate the best accommodation based on your criteria. In the end, you book a hotel that is light on your budget and sits comfortably close to the exhibition grounds, so your commute takes no time whatsoever. This keeps your energy levels high and you focused for the presentations and demonstrations at the event. Interpom Primeurs impresses with a varied program that showcases the latest technological breakthroughs and solutions for the industry to overcome the current challenges ahead of it.

Grow your business at Interpom Primeurs and let GETA ltd make your business trip all the more enjoyable.

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