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Event Update

The London Classic Car Show 2023 will take place as a live event between February 24th and February 26th, 2023. For the time being, the edition will be held in Olympia London and will not include Covid-19 safety precautions. This is because the UK has lifted its pandemic-related restrictions, including those relating to travelling to the nation.

A Brief Overview of the London Classic Car Show 

The London Classic Car Show celebrates the beauty and excellence of classic cars. It’s the true one-stop event for fans of classic cars as well as the professional world surrounding it. The event is geared towards showcasing and auctioning classic cars and informing the public about vehicles of yesteryear. The show has grown and now moved to Olympia London. Don’t miss out on the chance to reach an enthusiastic audience that continues to grow over the years. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

The London Classic Car Show creates the perfect opportunities to meet the right kind of contacts in person. In a really short time, the show has managed to position itself as a leader in the UK and a primary meeting place between buyers, collectors and enthusiasts. If you’re trying to find the right kind of buyer for what you have, then this is the platform to generate the best sales leads. Here are some key numbers: 

  • 25,000 international visitors – trade visitors and the general public 
  • 100 fine and varied classic and collector’s cars

Industry Relevance 

The London Classic Car Show is now entering its 9th edition and it has managed to grow a lot in less than a decade. The international car show was first being held at the Syon Park, but made a jump to Olympia London in 2020 due to the increased interest in the event. The car show enjoys a loyal audience every year at the end of February. The event is known for its dynamic displays and live auction, which delivers dramatic moments every single year. 

Olympia London makes perfect sense as a host since it’s been home to many automotive shows for over a century. Most famously, the Grand Hall hosted the International Motor Exhibition from 1905 to 1936, which was one of the most important and famous automotive events in the world. You can say the exhibition centre has seen the birth of the automotive industry. 

The car show provides the car community at large with information on the classic car world. New in 2023 is the Market Makers – a guide to the movers and shakers that create trends and have the budget to make big purchases that influence the market. You’ll learn all about what’s driving the market, which models have experienced value change and what the new trends will be for the next year. In addition to a display, you’ll be able to sit down for a panel discussion on the subject. 

Of course, the heart of the car show are the classic car models, but there’s much more to see than that. The exhibition space is filled with premium service and product providers, who showcase a large variety of accessories for prized classic and vintage cars. Everything from tools, materials for renovation, mirrors, interior and indoor and outdoor covers. Everything one might need to get the full experience of owning a classic car. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

The London Classic Car Show welcomes the biggest names in the UK working in the sector today among others. The chief exhibitors you’ll discover on the exhibition grounds include Castleacre Insurance, Alpine Centre UK, Classic Additions, Classic Investments, Electrogenic, Graeme Hunt, Hilton & Moss, Hurst Park, MHD and Shawbury Wine. The audience is mostly native to the UK, though organisers report that international visitors are on the rise especially in Europe. 

The majority of visitors are car enthusiasts and families with children, who are curious about cars from previous eras. On the professional side, you have car dealers, manufacturers, restorers, car clubs, classic car buyers and collectors. Their main interest lies in networking, surveying what is available on the market and making purchases. 

Additional Value of Attending 

It’s the opportunity to trace entire lines of sports cars from the world’s biggest manufacturers. In 2023, the Generations feature will pay tribute to legendary car models. Visitors will be able to see the entire 60-year history of the Porsche 911 series. You’ll see each of the eight generations and their variations in a special area. These include the 911 Type 901, 911 G-Series, 911 Type 964, 911 Type 993, 911 Type 996, 911 Type 997, 911 Type 991 and 911 Type 992. 

Next to Porsche is the Corvette feature, which charts 70 years of its history. The Corvette’s story and evolution are fascinating because it consistently blurs the lines between American muscle and European sports cars. The London Classic Car Show will showcase the Corvette C1, Corvette C2, Corvette C3, Corvette C4, Corvette C5, Corvette C6, Corvette C7 and Corvette C8. 

It’s not enough to just showcase the most famous classic cars. What about the car models that are facing extinction? Organisers surprise visitors with the introduction of the Endangered Species feature in 2023. The idea here is to showcase rare car models that fly under the radar such as the Austin Metro, which once was a popular and frequently spotted car. Today, there are just about 200 units on the roads. 

Another new feature is the Young Turks, which is the show’s investigation into whether the bold predictions of previous years about which car models are future classics have come true. In 2023, the show is going to look at the predictions made back in 2003 and 2013 and compare notes. 

Past editions

London Classic Car Show 2023

24.02.2023 - 26.02.2023

London Classic Car Show

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