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Germany – the trade fair capitol of the world – welcomes back the one-of-a-kind international trade fair, MAINTAIN to Munich to educate business owners and professionals on what is new in the world of industrial maintenance and repair. The four days bring together a varied crowd ready to educate and do business on a big scale. If you want to be in the centre of all activity, both inside and outside the exhibition centre, let GETA Ltd handle your hotel accommodation so you land an affordable room in a hotel near the exhibition centre. Always be in the midst of decision makers. MAINTAIN aims to educate and improve on the current standards of maintenance and repair. You can expect free events that elaborate on the latest innovations in the industry, a real chance to network and maximize your business through truly applicable technologies. In that regard, invest in the best accommodation possible and leave the booking to GETA Ltd for a smooth, comfortable stay that serves your professional needs.

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