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MEBAA is held in Dubai, UAE and remains among the most celebrated Middle East business aviation exhibitions with an emphasis on the newest technological breakthroughs and innovations in all fields of aviation and aerospace industries. You have the chance to meet the leading companies that manufacture planes that change the world. Thousands are projected to arrive in Dubai, so handle your accommodation as early as possible with GETA ltd in charge of finding you the best offers on the market.

GETA ltd has experience providing the most attractive hotel bookings, which not only save a lot on your travel expenses, but position you closely to the exhibition grounds. This way you are one short commute away from the MEBAA and always in the presence of the aviation elite – an advantage when it comes to networking. MEBAA focuses on the business side of things serving as the premiere market place for buyers and sellers to meet and negotiate on the various components, mechanism and plane models on display.

It’s easy to build business friendships at MEBAA, when GETA ltd books your hotel.

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