Switzerland, Basel
2 years
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Mefa has been crucial for the development of new solutions and products for the food processing and meat industry. The international exhibition is scheduled to kick off to funfair and overall excitement with displays, demonstrations and a variety of events. Basel, Switzerland is set to welcome 90 exhibitors and more than 6000 trade visitors. Right now, room rates are low and availability is plentiful. Start on your travel arrangements and consult with GETA ltd on where best to stay!

There are better ways to travel to exhibitions without having to compare hotel deals on your own or researching the best location. Book a hotel for Mefa as soon as tomorrow with our flexible service. GETA ltd knows exactly what business travelers need – to save on their hotel costs, stay as close to the exhibition centre and have public transport available. And we deliver it for every price category. Mefa represents the entire value chain – sausages, meat, game, poultry, delicatessen, raw materials, spices and shop equipment among others. Let’s not forget the exhibition is a celebration and features exciting events like the Swiss meat feast, competitions, championships and demonstrations!

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