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France , Lyon

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Mode City comes to Paris, France, for three days dedicated to fashion, swimwear and accessories. All the luxury brands you associate with lingerie and beachwear gather together to showcase the newest trends and bring you cutting edge design that are ready to wear. Become a part of this summer fashion celebration and let GETA ltd handle your accommodation with affordable hotel room options.

What you can expect at Mode City is unparalleled diversity based on the 500 distinct exhibitors from a total of 35 countries with an expected number of visitors to reach 27,000 in total. The theme is coral sensuality and with the stunning visuals that only the Lyon workshop of Marc Terrier can produce, you’re submerged into a whole new world of beauty. Make sure you book a hotel that’s near the expo centre or in parts of the city with convenient transport links for maximum comfort.

GETA ltd has a rich collection of hand-picked offers that place you right where the action is and stay within your budget.

Past editions

Mode City 2021

23.01.2021 - 25.01.2021

Mode  City

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