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muba is the modern individual’s life distilled into product categories that encompass all from building, renovation and mode to sport goods, garden products and travel services. Come to Basel, Switzerland, for a ten day celebration of design, innovation and comfort with thousands of the best suppliers and manufacturers in the world to an audience of the general public and the trade industry. Ensure your business trip is planned in great detail with GETA ltd in charge of your hotel accommodation.

GETA ltd knows what to look for in a hotel when we book for a professional on the road. You receive a reservation to a hotel that saves you money on travel expenses and places you close to the exhibition centre for further convenience. This means you can be the first at the muba booths every single day and negotiate the best deals for your business. You have access to a rich assortment of products to browse through - housing, household, garden, construction and renovation, fashion, health, sports, multimedia and culture.

muba is your chance to distinguish yourself, so make your stay a hit with GETA ltd in charge of accommodation.

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