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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of Museums + Heritage Show has been officially postponed by the organisers due to coronavirus.

Museums + Heritage Show takes back the stage in UK to bring guests the latest and greatest in the world of museums and cultural heritage, encompassing products, services and evolving standards in conservation. The international trade fair is held the range of two days, so you’ll have the chance to mingle museum managers, curators, experts and historians. Book a hotel for Museums + Heritage Show while there are still great discounts and turn to GETA ltd to snatch the crème de la crème.

Business trips are tedious to organize on your own, especially this close to the event itself. In such situations, it’s best to leave all the leg work to GETA ltd. We’ve operated in London for years and have a wide-reaching hand. Tell us what your budget size and give us your number. You’ll receive offers in a single day and plan your activities at the Museums + Heritage Show. The event has scheduled free talks and features for a variety of topics, while the cultural attraction experts and sector suppliers will present you fascinating new products fresh off the shelf.

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