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Want to know how healthy living has changed over the years? Want to meet people who share your dedication to clean living? ORGANIC & NATURAL EXPO MIDDLE EAST is the trade fair you need in your calendar. It takes place in Dubaiu, UAE. Dedicated to organic food, herbs, spices and beverages, the trade fair attracts the attention of exporters, exporters, distributors, wholesalers, business groups and overseas buyers. Be ahead of the crowd with an affordable hotel room courtesy of GETA ltd.

GETA ltd searches for the perfect accommodation options – cost effective, close to the event in question and near important transportation links. You only have to choose the booking of your dreams. This way you save money, energy and resources on commuting, giving you an edge when it comes to discussing business, forming partnerships and closing deals. ORGANIC & NATURAL EXPO MIDDLE EAST introduces you the products that are making waves across the world from nutritional products, natural remedies and pharma to health products and dietary supplements.

ORGANIC & NATURAL EXPO MIDDLE EAST allows you to grow your business, so do so from the best vantage point with a booking from GETA ltd.

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