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What are the technological innovations and breakthroughs in the production measurement, precision and machine tools’ sectors that shape the face of the global economy? prodex answers this question in the span of four days. Held in Basel, Switzerland, this exhibition attracts thousands of industry insiders to catch up with industry news, network and form partnerships. Make sure you get your business trip off to the right start with GETA ltd to handle your reservation.

GETA ltd has experience in finding the right accommodation for travelling professionals. Your room will not only be close to the prodex grounds, but save you money and have a direct access to the public transport in the city. This gives you a strategic edge when it comes to attending the event, which not only provides product presentations and demonstration, but relies on visitor participation in numerous workshops and seminars that cover every field from to manufacturing, process automation, industrial computer science and c-technologies to metrology and quality assurance.

prodex gives you a chance to shape the future of manufacturing, so seize it and leave GETA ltd to help you on your way.

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18.05.2021 - 21.05.2021


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