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A Brief Overview of RHS Flower Show Cardiff 

The British horticulture calendar is filled with numerous flower shows that continue the tradition and history of gardening in the UK. The RHS Show Cardiff sits right at the top as a major meeting point for people in the gardening and florist sectors and showcases trends. There’s lots of fun and colourful displays. Each year there’s a specific theme that unites all the displays, and visitors have access to the entire value chain of horticulture supplies. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

RHS Show Cardiff has much to offer professionals involved in the UK markets as the flower show is visited by trade visitors and the general public, so you’re able to extract additional attention and publicity to your brand on several levels. There’s also the following statistics: 

  • 15 years of excellence under the management of the Royal Horticulture Society;
  • 44 expert growers participate in the Flower Marque;
  • 20,000 trade visitors and people from the general public attend. 

Industry Relevance 

RHS Show Cardiff was founded in 2005 by the Royal Horticulture Society in Cardiff, UK and the best location to house the flower show were the scenic parklands of the historic Cardiff Castle – the Bute Park. The grounds belonged to the first Marquess of Bute, one of the richest men during his time, who expanded the territory of the castle to create an exciting park that features exotic plants and trees from around the world. Now Bure Park has 48 Champion Trees, which are seen as either the tallest, broadest or oldest of their kind in the UK. 

The event marks the start of spring as it kicks off in April and welcomes all the major local actors in the horticulture, florist and gardening sectors in one place. RHS Show Cardiff has consistently shown its growth with features growing more ambitious in size, the guests at the Talks Theatre rising in celebrity status and the themes becoming bolder. Product categories at the show include seedlings, seeds, florist supplies, dried flowers, plants, flowers, flower pots, flower beds, pottery, trees, shrubs, garden tools, paving stones and fertilisers. 

Who Are You Going to Meet 

As already mentioned, RHS Show Cardiff gathers an impressive crowd of 20,000 visitors per year and that’s on average. The audience is made up from professionals such as florists, nurseries, growers, gardening experts and conservationists, but the majority of foot traffic is generated by the general public as the RHS Show Cardiff is an important community event. The majority of all visitors are also British in terms of country of origin. The flower show has a special theme every year and it shapes who exhibits at the event. In 2020, it’s going to be The Great Outdoors so one of the big organisations involved is going to be The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. 

Additional Value of Attending 

There’s quite a lot to explore and enjoy at an RHS Flower Show Cardiff. Organisers are looking at ways to bring gardening to the forefront. In 2019, the flower show looked at the positive effect that gardening can have on health and wellbeing. It had a special area for a Garden Feature from the National Botanic Garden of Wales. It displayed all the different ways just being in a garden can improve our wellbeing. This was done in collaboration with the Growing the Future campaign that supports Welsh horticulture and the benefits that plants have for people. 

The Garden Feature had two secluded seating areas with lots of privacy so that you could just sit quietly with your thoughts. Gardeners behind the design used flowers in white and pastel colours to create a calming colour scheme. 

A constant part of the flower show is the RHS Master Grower competition that showcases the very best specimen from nurseries all over the country. The Floral Marquee hosts the multi gold medal-winners in a dazzling display. The RHS Master Grower highlights nurseries that have done simply incredible work in cultivation of flowers. Five nurseries are chosen to be featured across the RHS show portfolio of events. 

There are quite a few events in the supporting programme and show layout that target all the many different communities. You have several flower opportunities to learn new floristry skills through demonstrations and workshops at the Floristry Bench. Or you can enter the popular Blossoming Beds competition that celebrates creative design ideas with the most popular spring flowers. 

The Regeneration Gardens invite recent graduates from landscape architecture and garden design courses to create sustainable, affordable gardens. Last but not least, we have to highlight the fun that’s available to the younger generation, which might just now be getting into gardening. There’s the highly popular and much loved wheelbarrow competition, where local schools enter to create fantastic flower designs all done inside the space of a wheelbarrow.

Past editions

RHS Flower Show Cardiff 2020

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RHS Flower Show Cardiff

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