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Luminaries and decision makers in the underground sewage infrastructure sector gather at the RO-KA-TECH to discuss the future of the industry and seek solutions to manage urban waste more effectively. The trade fair offers the newest technological innovations in the pipe and sewer technology, sewage systems and tubing reorganization with over 200 international exhibitors lined up for the event. If you’re among the over 10,000 professionals set to attend, then consider securing a reservation for hotel accommodation through GETA ltd.

With GETA ltd as your partner on your hunt for a hotel room, you are sure to find the perfect offer that not only saves you money on your travel expenses, but also manages to locate you close to the RO-KA-TECH exhibition centre and connect you to local transportation. The fair program promises a variety of talks, seminars and forums dedicated to environmental responsibility as well as demonstrations and presentations on safety equipment, pipe plugs, high pressure technology and manhole inspection technology among many more.

Turn your RO-KA-TECH visit into a success for your company and leave your business trip in the capable hands of GETA ltd.

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