Seatrade Offshore Marine & Workboats

UAE , Abu Dhabi

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Seatrade Offshore Marine & Workboats achieves high status in offshore sectors as it attracts ship owners, operators and senior management teams from NOCs, IOCs and EPCs. The international exhibition takes place in Abu Dhabi, UAE where 220 exhibitors and counting will showcase everything from ships to equipment. Organizers predict for over 5100 trade visitors to attend. When it comes to your travel arrangements, no other company is more trustworthy than GETA ltd as we offer a flexible hotel accommodation service that is ideal for any budget size.

Book a hotel for Seatrade Offshore Marine & Workboats without stress or effort on your part and simply give GETA ltd a call. We’ve been doing this for years and we know exactly what you want – a good price, a good location and quality comfort. Give us a price tag and how many beds you need, and we handle the rest. This allows you to invest all your attention into Seatrade Offshore Marine & Workboats, which has a packed program consisting of exhibitions and interactive sessions that aim to reveal trends in the industry as well as tackle current challenges. If you’re looking to make it big, this is where it happens!

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