Second Home International

Netherlands, Utrecht
6 months

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Nowhere will get the best deals for holiday real estate in the second home market than at the increasingly popular Second Home International – an international exhibition gaining great momentum in Europe. Netherlands has been chosen as the stage for this year’s edition. The exhibition will be populated by experts, buyers and sellers in great numbers, so be sure your travel arrangements are handled properly and by a true professional such as GETA ltd.

Given that you’re attending this event to purchase a home and research your options, it’s key to book a hotel for Second Home International near the grounds. This gives you more opportunities to network outside the official program – a great advantage that leads you to your dream home. Not to mention you’ll have a short commute in the morning. GETA ltd works to fit your budget! Second Home International features a detailed series of seminars to turning you into an assured and knowledgeable buyer. Did we mention there’s a wine bar, too? In the right hands, your business trip becomes an instant success!

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