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Postponement announcement: SIAL Middle East 2021 has been postponed. The event will take place between 07.12.2021 and 09.12.2021 in Abu Dhabi. Please stay tuned for further event updates!

Don’t miss out the chance to position yourself in the thriving market for food in beverages in the Middle East via participation in the SIAL Middle East. Close to 1000 exhibitors resulting in 30 countries represented in national pavilions attended the international exhibition and the numbers are expected to rise for the edition hosted in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Beat the crowds to the best online hotel reservations today with a little help from GETA ltd. You don’t need to search for SIAL Middle East hotels on your own and lose time, effort and money in the process.

GETA ltd automates the process so that you can book your hotels as early as tomorrow. All we need from you is a price range and the number of people in your party. That’s all. You’ll find you need the best accommodation for SIAL Middle East, which boasts numerous opportunities as seen in the Hosted Buyer Programme that brings in top-tier buyers for the region and beyond. La Cuisine brings in chefs and other professionals from the food service for socialization and friendly competitions.

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On Foot

from Abu Dhabi International Airport - N/A

from Abu Dhabi central bus station - N/A


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from Abu Dhabi International Airport - 21 min drive (23.7km)

from Abu Dhabi central bus station - 17min drive (10.8km)


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from Abu Dhabi International Airport - Bus Nr. 040 will take you to ADNEC

from Abu Dhabi central bus station - N/A

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