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If you’re trying to reach new cycling markets, we recommend you turn TAIPEI CYCLE as an international trade show that brings you to a brand new understanding of the cycle as a tool and a lifestyle. Taipei, Taiwan welcomes over 1100 exhibitors again for a packed four-day event to an audience that numbers in the thousands. Don’t leave your online hotel reservations for the last moment and get started with the services of GETA ltd. We aim to save you money and make your stay exceptional!

GETA ltd knows from experience what you want – a modern hotel, a fine location and a great price that doesn’t strain your finances. Years in this business have allowed us to branch out in all countries and cultivate strong networks. Say the price range and we’ll deliver. This way you can free up more resources for TAIPEI CYCLE. There’s a big industry surrounding cycling in Taiwan as you’ll see the latest models of complete bicycles, bicycle accessories and parts, and light electric vehicles. Launch products, break into new markets, inform yourself about emerging trends, research your competition – this is the trade show to build a reputation and generate sales leads.

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