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TRADEXPO can be said to be the international trade show about life, since its focus is wide and reaches across consumer goods, fashion, accessories and decoration. All things that we can’t live without and the interest has been so intense that it’s staged twice a year. Thousands are sure to visit the exhibits. It’s best you avoid the competition for online hotel reservation and have GETA ltd take over your travel arrangements. Don’t put yourself through the stress trying to book a hotel for TRADEXPO on your own, especially if you don’t know the city. GETA ltd presents you with a vast database that does price comparison and location research to present you custom-tailored offers in just one business day. We book you a room that helps you save time and energy while there, which you will need, because the event spreads on 16,500 sqm – all filled with buyers and sellers. It’s the perfect means to gauge public interest, research the market, exchange experience with peers and build visibility. GETA ltd helps you achieve your business goals from the sidelines, taking charge of your travel arrangements for TRADEXPO.

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