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VIV Turkey gears up for another thrilling thee-day program dedicated to the animals in our agriculture, covering everything from the latest practices in animal breeding to the new and cutting-edge in veterinary. The international trade fair opens its doors in Istanbul, Turkey. In the years, the event has assumed a leading position for the region and attracts a large international crowd. Avoid the rush for rooms and book a hotel for VIV Turkey early on. Call on GETA ltd and you get a special deal!

Where does one start with planning a business trip? With the travel arrangements, of course – a stressful and time-consuming task. Rid yourself of the dull task of comparing price rates and locations. Instead, leave GETA ltd in charge of your hotel stay. We’ve worked in this sector for years and can find you your dream hotel in just a day. You have far more important things on your agenda – VIV Turkey. Every year, the trade fair showcases and demonstrates the latest in poultry breeding and equipment, meat production, veterinary instruments, animal health and hygiene.

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