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2 years
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WATER TECHNOLOGY AND WATER MANAGEMENT FAIR introduces attendees to the future of waste management, water and recycling on a global scale. The international trade fair tackles the most important ecological problems and unveils the latest technological advancements in Amsterdam in four day. More than 750 exhibitors are expected and thousands of international visitors, so better find the best online hotel booking with some help from GETA ltd.

GETA ltd knows how to arrange accommodation for travelling businesspeople and we work with numerous hotels in Amsterdam, which represent every price range, accommodation type and location in the city possible. What we need to find you suitable hotels for WATER TECHNOLOGY AND WATER MANAGEMENT FAIR is your budget and personal preferences. You can cut on commuting and reside in a comfortable room next to the exhibition centre for better networking chances or spend your trip in a peaceful corner in the outskirts to recharge. And you’ll need all your energy as WATER TECHNOLOGY AND WATER MANAGEMENT FAIR has prepared a packed program complete with the Aquatech Innovation Awards, the Storm Water Pavilion, the BlueTech Innovation Pavilion and business meeting opportunities.

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