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WID doesn’t only present you with the innovative products and technical breakthroughs in the dental industry, but concerns itself with developing careers and sharing valuable dental practices and skills. Held in Vienna, Austria, the international exhibition lasts only two days. As expected of such events, there will be over 150 exhibitors and 4000 industry insiders attending. Be among the first to get online hotel reservations at low rates and consult with GETA ltd on your travel plans. You won’t be disappointed.

GETA ltd has been helping professionals and company representatives go on their business travels for years and have developed a sizeable dataset with hotels, guesthouses and apartment complexes for rent. We’re able to tailor your hotel booking for WID according to your party size, financial ability and personal preferences. Our service is flexible and efficient. In the end, you attend WID under the best conditions and can expect the best performance. WID has chosen a new theme that will tie the event together – implantology. You have lectures in the open forum addressing practices and techniques, while exhibitors will display implanting systems of all varieties.

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