Essen, Germany

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WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS offers a practical and result-oriented focus on the subjects of the energy industry and electrode materials with an emphasis on sustainability and energy conservation. More than 3000 experts have been confirmed to attend the international trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany for three days. It’s time to get started on your travel arrangements and have GETA ltd solve your search for a hotel room at affordable rates.

There is a better way to organize business trips and it’s called GETA ltd. We’ve done this for years and know all there is to know about hotels in Stuttgart. Send us your price range, your list of guests and preference in location. We use this information to book a hotel for WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS that minimizes expenses and maximizes the benefits for you. The trade fair will present an you an in-depth look into clean battery, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The conference track will also touch upon smart cities, smart homes, mobile applications for cars and electric aircrafts.

Get a good start at WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS with fine hotel rooms only from GETA ltd.