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Event Update

Medical industry players can fully participate in Arab Health 2025 in-person from 27.01.2025 to 30.01.2025 at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE. Comprehensive COVID-19 health and safety protocols will not be implemented at the venue and the country currently does not feature travel limitations.  

A Brief Overview of Arab Health 

Arab Health positions itself as the key international exhibition for the Middle East that targets trends, innovations, and product presentation within the pharmaceuticals, hospital, and healthcare industries. The Middle East continues to grow in importance as a market and the exhibition serves as a cross-border platform for procurement between the East and the West. Exhibitors not only get access to the thriving local market, but expand to new regions easily. The exhibition comes with a practice-oriented support programme, making it an unmissable event for your company. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Arab Health is your best bet to penetrate the Middle Eastern market. Attending is an investment with a quick return as exhibitors generate qualified sales leads in great numbers. The exhibition introduces you to a wide range of serious of buyers, while also reconnecting you to existing partners. New products are in high demand, so each edition comes with a series of product launches. Even with the pandemic still going on, Arab Health pulls good numbers: 

  • 2800+ exhibitors from 70 countries have rented booths;
  • 2,618 delegates were present;
  • 40,200+ healthcare and trade professionals have made the trip;
  • 10 CME conferences were held;
  • 400 speakers in total
  • 184 countries were represented 

Industry Relevance 

Arab Health has been an essential exhibition in the world healthcare industry since 1977. The annual event takes place at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, and is the roaring engine of innovations and technological advancements in the world. Not only are household brands on the show floor, but Arab Health draws top talent in the medical field to attend the conferences. 

The exhibition floor is organised in the following specialised sectors – Disposables, Healthcare & General Services, Healthcare Transformation, Healthcare infrastructure & Assets, Imaging, IT, International /Medical Devices, Medical Equipment & Devices, Orthopaedics and Wellness & Prevention. The 11 conferences and the highly popular 3D Printing Zone firmly place the event as a platform for cutting-edge innovation and prestige. Topics of the moment include telemedicine platforms, artificial intelligence, disease management devices and technology and smartwatches. 

Arab Health introduces supply to demand, and is designed to promote products and services to the professional audience in the thousands. The main reason for attending is to source new products, so you are definitely in the right place to build lasting relationships. The exhibition creates the right conditions to strengthen your professional network and expand your circles. The high level of internationality translates to superior opportunities to reach new buyers from all over the world. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

It’s no secret Arab Health has a laser-tight focus on the technological aspect, so there’s a high number of manufacturers of medical devices and equipment present. When we look at the countries with the biggest presence are USA, UK, Turkey, Germany, India, UAE, Pakistan, Israel, France, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Egypt and China. The high diversity not just in visitor countries, but exhibiting countries leads to the necessary inclusion of Country Pavilions, which inform trade visitors about leaders in their respective markets. The pavilions make discovery all the easier. 

In short, there are six types of visitors – professionals working in procurement, biomed engineers, dealers and distributors, hospital senior management, clinicians and government entities. This gives you a wide range of opportunities to diversify your revenue streams and raise your overall brand recognition. Satisfaction rates are incredibly high and over 80% of visitors come to Arab Health seeking to source new products from companies like GE Healthcare, Canon Medical, BD, Philips, Paramed, MASIMO, JETRO and GULFDRUG. 

The 2022 edition generated $781 Million in revenue over the course of four days. 

Additional Value of Attendance 

Startups are more than welcome as Arab Health hosts the Innov8 Talks, which is the competition for the startups you don’t want to miss. It’s here where the companies that will take over the world are going to fight for recognition and financial support. Healthcare innovators and disruptors are in high demand! Competitors enter 3 rounds of battle of 8 pitches each, which culminate in a grand finale! The current three themes are FemTech, UN SDGs and Wellbeing. 

The main attraction remains the Future Health Summit. The event for senior government officials and CEOs in healthcare. Its mission is to investigate emerging technology and possibilities for the future of health. The theme for the 2023 Summit is the Metaverse, which presents a unique way of working with technology. As artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) are becoming more available, applications are unlocked for bettering patient care and treatment. Andrew Bosworth and Michael Abrash (Meta), Alysa Taylor (Microsoft), Matthew Ball (Metaverse Expert & Author), Cathy Hackl (Futures Intelligence Group) and Richard Ward (McKinsey) are tapped to talk at the summit. 

In 2023, Arab Health Congress was confirmed to host 10 CME accredited conferences. All conferences will take place live. The conferences are as follows: Total Radiology, Obs and Gyn, Orthopaedics, Internal Medicine New, Surgery, Paediatrics New, Emergency Medicine, Quality Management, Anaesthesia and Pain Management New, and Public Health. You have the best of the best in each discipline, discuss new research and present new solutions to pressing issues. The congress is a fountain of knowledge and indispensable in what’s happening right now in the world of healthcare and medicine.

Past editions

Arab Health 2024

29.01.2024 - 01.02.2024

Arab Health

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The event has held in a hybrid format due to Covid-19

This year's edition of the event was hybrid - attendeŠµs can choose between in-person and online attendance.






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How to get to Arab Health

On Foot

On Foot

Dubai Airport – not advisable

Global Village 1 Station – not advisable


By Car

Dubai Airport – 10 mins via Sheikh Rashid Rd/E11

Global Village 1 Station – 20 mins via Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd/E311 and  Al Ain - Dubai Rd/E66


By Public Transport

Dubai Airport – 15 mins via transport MRed

Global Village 1 Station – not available