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Hotel Forsthaus Nurnberg Furth

Hotel Forsthaus Nurnberg Furth

Fürth , Germany
Book for: Nuremberg Toy Fair / Spielwarenmesse
19 - 24 Jul 2021
Price from 245.00 EUR

Professional Accommodation as Business Assets

GETA ltd offers comprehensive trade booking services that not only solve the question of where you’re staying, but also support you during your visit. These are all the benefits you receive when you book with us:

  • Business hotels we supply have conference rooms – a private space where you can hold presentations, run quick team meetings before the event, and host demos for products.
  • Accommodation is selected for the size of the party. Whether it’s a room for just a single representative or a group of 10 and upwards, bookings are selected based on location and price.
  • Commuting is on our mind whenever we book a room. Hotels either sit close to the event venue or always have strong connections to public transport to reduce the amount of time on your commute.
  • Partner hotels give us access to deals early on. You are among the very first to have your selection of offers at preferential rates.
  • A database of over 10,000 hotels available means GETA ltd covers every major city in the world to host a live event. Pick any destination and we can calibrate the hotel with the right facilities and right location within every price category.
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