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7 Benefits of Attending Professional Events and Exhibitions

There are several reasons why business companies exhibit or visit international trade fairs:

Make your mark in the industry

Trade shows and global expos are the Olympics of their industry. They serve as the melting pots of nationalities, concepts, markets, and solutions. For example, AUTOMECHANIKA is the most significant event for the automotive market. This is proven by the over 4800 exhibitors that attend the fair and an audience that can reach up to 136,000 visitors. This is the whole global industry in one space, making it an incredible platform to tap into. Likewise, names such as ANUGA, CPHI and MEDICA provoke instant recognition in professionals. Every event gives you the opportunity to:

Access Exclusive Content

Trade fairs are the first to feature exclusive content. This includes the latest industry expertise and research. This allows you to not only sell at live events but also to gather valuable information on your niche. Such information can help in preparing for any industry shift. Additionally, attending the right conference or workshop can give you a competitive edge. This makes exhibitions a must-attend!

Strengthen Brand Recognition

A brand only exists when its products have a physical presence. You cannot expect buyers to come to where you are selling — you must make the trip. Exhibition and trade shows can give you an exhibition stall to reach the right audience. With the right concept and execution, you bring attention to your products. It can also help in reminding clients and potential buyers that you have the ideal solution. Communities around live events look at who exhibits and check social media. This can help you in returning to your home country with several large deals.

Generate Leads

Exhibitions allow you to pursue all channels to promote your business. It is as simple as handing out business cards and leaving them in places where they will be visible. You can also invest in a proper demonstration of a product. Thus, allowing the right people to experience products with all their senses. Often, forming a personal connection with a product is the best advertisement. This is something live events offer you the space to do.

Discover the Next Generation of Solutions

Research is part of the foundation of many exhibitions. It is what inspires large corporations and start-ups to attend. Both seek to disrupt and innovate with imagination. Invention stands at the heart of most exhibitions and trade shows. By attending, you will access novelties that provide an advantage over your competitors. You might wonder how such events provide an edge. By providing opportunities to observe. How does the audience react to their product launches? What are their sales strategies? How do they position themselves regarding prices?

Spark Connections at Conference Parties

Social engagements are as important as the official programming for your success. They help you in forming new connections that later promote business expansion. Conferences allow you to create such connections through various opportunities. Among them is having a drink at the bar to get to know colleagues, peers, and potential partners. The connections forged in such a relaxed atmosphere make you more memorable. Also, they allow you to hear valuable information on possible deals and opportunities. Trade fairs often build in speed networking sessions to help you find your match.

Lay Your Head in a Trusted Hotel

Where you choose to stay for a live event plays a vital role in your success. It allows you to recover your energy and prepare for a strong performance. Yet not every hotel or apartment can suit your needs. For example, business hotels must have a reasonable price to keep expenses manageable. But they also must not compromise on quality. Their location must be close to the exhibition centre. As an alternative, they must have reliable public transport connections. GETA ltd understands all the factors that go into selecting the right hotel. As a result, we can guide you through the process while saving time. Give us a day, and your trip will have all details planned!


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