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Bett 2025, London, UK

22 - 24 Jan 2025
There’s a new major technological revolution that’s redefining everything about the education and training industry. From the fast rise of Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) to the integration of Mixed Reality, the landscape of learning is becoming more dynamic and accessible. Learning Experience Platforms as a revolutionary development in corporate training. LXPs have rapidly expanded into a $300 million market, growing at an impressive annual rate of over 50% back in 2019. These platforms are making significant inroads into the Learning Management System (LMS) market by offering a more personalized and engaging learning experience. Think of LXP as the Netflix of corporate learning. It combines easily digestible digital content with insightful analytics, which provides learners with a host of user-friendly options to consume knowledge anytime, anywhere. With 79% of employees expressing a preference for learning through web resources, the growth of LXPs is a positive sign for the future of workplace learning. LXPs index the world of learning, making content more discoverable and removing barriers to access. They are designed to be as intuitive as the apps learners use in their daily lives, enhancing the overall learning experience. Another significant trend in e-learning is the adoption of Mixed Reality (MR), which combines Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to create immersive educational experiences. MR is particularly effective for visual learners, offering interactive environments where complex concepts can be explored in depth. In healthcare, for instance, students can use VR to study the human body in a detailed, interactive way. Surgery simulators have been an established practice for years, but the new developments in Mixed Reality allows students to practice surgery in nearly real-life circumstances. In chemistry, AR can help visualize chemical structures and reactions, making abstract concepts more tangible. The application of MR in education is vast.


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