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The entertainment and media has never been one to set still, and with so many tech advancements shaking up the status quo, the upcoming years are bound to hold surprises for players, small and big. The biggest technological trends to emerge over the past year is the meteoric rise of artificial intelligence and its potential application at every level of content creation. The cat’s out of the bag. Now it’s only a matter of time to see how the industry will respond to it. Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming integral to media operations across various subsectors. From content creation to distribution and audience engagement, media companies are exploring the potential of AI-powered tools and solutions. While excitement surrounding GenAI is palpable, industry leaders are cautious of the associated risks, including spending, quality control and job security concerns. A big contributing factor to the writers’ strike in 2023 was the unethical use of AI in film and TV production. As AI implementation scales up, maintaining trust, accuracy, privacy, and fairness will be critical focus areas. While the box office is showing signs of recovery with a projected 20%+ year-over-year growth in feature films, the industry still grapples with challenges stemming from the pandemic. Despite the positive trajectory, box office revenues remain below pre-pandemic levels by 19%. Studios are strategizing to drive audience engagement and revive the theatrical experience. Talk of day-and-date releases between theaters and streaming services is fading with a renewed emphasis on the first-run window and leveraging successful films to drive streaming subscriptions. Partly to blame for the diminished box office returns is franchise fatigue. Audiences have grown bored by the repetitive stories and characters, which has prompted media leaders to reevaluate their content strategies. It’s time to return to quality and original storytelling.


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